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I would much prefer that to the alternative

My credentials as a geek were placed firmly on the line by my apparent reluctance to watch the latest Bladerunner movie. In my defence I have had a few distractions to address and more than that, I was hoping the new film would not ruin the wonderful acclaim attributed to the franchise.

Fortunately, Bladerunner 2049 was excellent. If you are in any way a geek, a nerd or all of the aforementioned you should definitely watch it.

Whilst recreating the steampunk overtones of the first movie, Bladerunner 2049 served to continue many of the innovative themes which were touched on in the Harrison Ford original. For example, videophones were non-existent before the first Bladerunner film. Semi-intelligent automated voice control systems were also an eye-opener, as was the biometric security sidearm. Today all of these are a reality.

The new film introduced us to the idea of high-altitude flying cars, fully submerged motorways and emotionally active A.I with the capacity to demonstrate empathy, appreciate art and of course, superhuman replicants. None of these suggestions are beyond the sphere of possibility.

The Bladerunner movies should be a core component of any Computer Science 101 class and I am sure will be repeat-viewing for many technophobes also. They really do hint at an achievable future. However good or bad that may be.

How we made our first million.

Wow! Typing that actually feels pretty cool. I still remember going from being king of the mountain in primary school to suddenly becoming a tiny minnow in the ocean full of sharks called secondary school. That was pretty daunting. In fact at first it was downright horrifying, but as each day passed it did get easier. A bit like business I suppose.

Hopefully regarding your business, you’ll have managed to spend as little time as possible in the “horrifying” part. It isn’t nice. But like a big van with a tiny engine, it gradually recedes into life’s rear view mirror.

Now let me be clear here. This isn’t a how-to guide. There are books written by smarter men and women than I which will guide you along the path much more eloquently than I ever could. What is more, I am still deep in the learning phase, as I expect to be for much of my life. To paraphrase both Jim Rohn and Steve Jobs in one fell swoop: Stay hungry.

That is the key.

Really, those two words say it all. The moment you think you have arrived at the top of the hill and you believe no one can come near you, is the same moment your professional demise begins. Do not give in to hubris, self-satisfaction or false comfort.

Instead continue to set new challenges. Raise your standards and wow your clients. All your clients. Even those who are yet to become your clients. Ideally you want people to queue up, eager to buy from you.

And why, aside from the fact that it’ll take care of your bottom line?

Simply because the knowledge you and your team gain from delivering the best quality product, service or experience to your clients is worth more than all the gold, silver and bitcoin in the world.

Anyway, I’m getting away from myself a little now. The good stuff is going to have to wait for the book which will follow. In time.

See this more as a starter for ten. An invitation to an open floor, where ideas and experiences will be handed out like paper napkins. Bountiful, essential and to those unable to conceive of the inherent value of the right words at the right time, deceptive in their apparent lack of substance.

Today social media dominates the world of new business. What you present to the world is almost irrelevant compared to the manner in which it is presented. Courtesy, sincerity and attention to detail take center stage. Listening to the needs of your customers is one thing. Responding to those needs is quite another. Which do you think might benefit your business the most?

If something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing it right. Or in the words of my mother, “Tidy your room”. So often did I hear those three words even after tidying my room that I became determined to ensure said bedroom reached Country Living standards of excellence. And in doing so, I heard those words less and less.

In our business, we make some of the best products in their field. And that didn’t happen by accident. Just being good enough, is no longer good enough. Whatever business you are in, reframe your way of thinking about that business. It all boils down to one thing. You are in the customer satisfaction business. Whoever that customer is, as long as you can make them feel that taking their custom elsewhere would be a massive step backwards, they will always be your customer.

Never stop trying. However high the mountain you stand on, you’re still more than 90 million miles away from the sun.

And as always with the latter, be careful where you look.

Omikron is here

Number crunching has long been the absolute foundation of technological and empirical progress. Be it the seminal work of Charles Babbage in creating what was later coined, the first mechanical computer, through to the works of Alan Turing and his colleagues at Bletchley park in breaking the Enigma code during the second world war.

Today a super computer can be found working on such diverse applications as medical healthcare, the search for extra-terrestrial life, defence, scientific research and animation.

You can add blockchain to that list too.

The massive capability of systems which are put to work on complex algorithms is not measured in simple CPU cycles or core counts. Data is measured in terabytes, petabytes or exabytes. Performance aka speed, is counted in petaflops.

The Zanshuri Omikron Supercomputer offers petaflop grade computing capability which you can buy today.

It would be unfair of us to use the term desktop as our standard single unit build of the computer stands at over 6 feet tall. Server would also be a misnomer as the emphasis is more on processing ability than storage and throughput. The computer can however be configured with as much local storage and bandwidth capacity as you or your organisation requires.

The Zanshuri Omikron Supercomputer therefore offers massively parallel computing capability based on a multi-GPU array and an air-cooled open chassis configuration designed around triple redundant 1500 watt power supplies.  It is recommended to be maintained in an environmentally managed, controlled access environment and runs a bespoke 64-bit Linux operating system. It can be configured to run Windows.

Efficiency is not ignored, being central to all that we do.  Though the Zanshuri Omikron Supercomputer is an admittedly power hungry system, when you consider that the capability a single unit offers would exceed that of the average 100 rack server datacenter, the energy consumption of our solution is significantly smaller. Thus the name, Omikron.

Contact us today to learn more and place your order on untouchable_power@zanshuri.com*

*the patented Zanshuri sense of humour remains fully functional.

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