Have you ever lost something?

Misplaced one of your belongings?

How did you feel when it happened?

What impact did the loss have on you, your family and your business?

The answer you give will depend on so many factors. Sentiment, cost, rarity and value of the property in question.

What if the loss is digital?

A lifetime of family photos could have been lost in a fire not so long ago. Today that loss is likely to be down to a viral attack, malware or something of that type. Or digital data belonging to a company, or any organisation. How can it be replaced? How damaging could this be financially?

Let’s throw in another wrinkle.

What if lives were dependent on that digital data?

The fact is, this is happening right now. It is massively damaging, and lives are being lost due to lapses in cyber security. The widely held belief is the best way to ruin a first world nation would be to disable their electronic and digital day-to-day capabilities. That means power stations, utilities and logistics.

Imagine being instantly thrown into the dark ages!

Cyber Security awareness is of huge importance, whatever the size of your organisation.

I feel so strongly about this that I we are now offering access to our Zanshuri cloud backup service at discounted rates for charitable entities. Furthermore, we will be happy to discuss a bespoke solution around your own specific needs.

You will never feel regret for the ability to recover.