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The Zanshuri Tau laptop computers are designed to present the best of Zanshuri technology in a portable format for powerful mobile computing. They feature either a 14, 15.6 or 17 inch full or quad HD display with a matte finish to minimize glare. Dedicated graphics optional. The semi-low profile design of the Zanshuri Tau Lite features the latest AMD or Intel Core CPU, a highly portable slim and light design and a large multi-touch ready touchpad. On the other hand the Zanshuri Tau Max features multiple i/o options, multi-SSD capability and AMD Ryzen or Intel Core i5, i7 and i9 processors. The build quality standards for which Zanshuri are famed are demonstrated through the inclusion of a metal display cover, solid internal frame and every unit undergoes the standard Zanshuri 72 hour post-build stress test procedure ahead of delivery.

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The Zanshuri Tau Lite laptop computer features an FHD or QHD display, powerful Intel CPU options, next-gen USB 3.2 and M.2 solid state storage across all models.


The Zanshuri Tau laptop computer features an FHD or QHD display with a matte finish to minimize glare. The semi-low profile laptop features a highly tactile, low-noise design desktop class performance and class-leading battery life.

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