Zanshuri has been in business since 2009. In that time we have designed and built systems for trading, commerce, healthcare applications, emergency services, disaster recovery and other more standard operations. Our systems are present throughout the world and have proven themselves to be reliable and functional in any atmosphere in which a person can survive.

There has been minimal drive to develop an advertising programme for the business as we have continued to see phenomenal success through word of mouth recommendation and repeat business. Of course we may decide to begin advertising on various media at some point in the future, but for now we appear to be doing something properly.

Our customer testimonials prove this.

During my management of Central Westminster with responsibility for the deployment and tasking of over 560 staff Zanshuri were tasked with the development of an IT based tactical planner which was not only used locally but developed further for use by the Westminster Borough covering 1500 officers. Zanshuri developed and project managed the implementation of the system which improved tasking and efficiency of police resources in the heart of London. We recommend Zanshuri without hesitation.

Bernard G, Superintendent. Metropolitan Police Service, London

I bought a Zanshuri computer to manage a variety of administrative tasks as well as providing an effective hub for my business. The Zanshuri system I selected was of one of the current Sigma range of PC’s. I chose Zanshuri on the basis of their record for high performance, reliability and incredible efficiency. In my case I also needed expansion of storage beyond the usual single SSD and HDD solution offered by other manufacturers. The Sigma gives me this scalability for future growth. In addition my system has an optical drive, increased graphics capability and a current array of one SSD and two hard drives. Amazingly all idling at less than 20 watts and in complete silence.
My buying decision was made after substantial research into what is currently available on the market. I did consider solutions from established manufacturers, but was disappointed at the absence of innovation in those systems. The fact that the Zanshuri system is designed to be future proof as much as possible, highly expandable and easy to maintain, for me is a winning combination. The components of the system are all top notch and the performance to date has been incredible.
My hectic business and personal life demands that I have complete confidence and satisfaction in the reliability and efficiency of my tools. My Zanshuri computer delivers this always and without fuss.

I am happy to recommend their products in any business or home environment and I will be sticking with Zanshuri as my business continues to grow.

Jim P, Business Consultant, London

We have extensive experience of working in partnership with Zanshuri. As a result of this we turned to them when it came time to review some of our in-house IT provisioning. Zanshuri place efficiency at the fore of their operations, which serves to differentiate them from other computer companies. Our interest was in gaining powerful systems well able to undertake our daily activities.
We sought a solution for our pastoral activities, which was to serve in our data operations centre, including digital video/media development and streaming of live recording. Another system was acquired to serve as a primary database server for our medical supplies business. This was quite different in that there was no media element involved though the need for both power and efficiency was no less important.
Zanshuri were able to meet our needs with ease. We continue to use their systems to this day and are happy to report no technical issues inherent in their design. And their efficiency claims are absolutely true. It is nothing less than miraculous to note the power savings we have now realised in comparison to our pre-Zanshuri spend.  We will not be considering any other IT hardware provider going forward.

PV Medical Supplies

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