Whilst pondering how to write a detailed piece on Bitcoin, crypto-currency and associated digital financial developments, we found a number of wonderfully descriptive video introductions on it which you can take a look at below. However we can also provide a two line summary as follows:

Bitcoin and its associated electronic currencies represent the biggest upheaval to financial markets since the realisation of the terms trade and barter. If you aren’t yet into it, you need to move fast.

How does Zanshuri come into the picture?

One of our varied interests at Zanshuri is finance. We have been mining Bitcoin (amongst other currencies) for some years now. Our energy efficient computer designs have given us an edge over the rest of the world as one of the core requirements of crypto-mining is that the systems used to mine are being run at or close to 100% performance for the entire time they are working. This places enormous stress on a system and of course, uses a lot of electricity and produces a lot of heat whilst also needed around the clock maintenance in the form of on-site support, to minimize any downtime. This is because downtime means your systems are not working properly. And if they’re not working properly, you’re not making any money. All of these elements play into our hands:

  • Zanshuri systems produce much less heat than other computers
  • Zanshuri systems outperform equivalent systems from our competitors
  • Zanshuri systems use a lot less electricity than systems from our competitors

Those are some very good reasons to choose to use Zanshuri for all your Crypto-currency mining needs. There is more though. We have established a facility whereby you can specify and purchase a Bitcoin (or other currency) mining rig from us, and pay a fixed fee for maintenance in line with a standard Service Level Agreement. Our world class facilities are properly ensured, naturally cooled due to remote location of those facilities and as our systems are so energy efficient, we will not charge you any fees for the use of electricity, subject to the a limit of ten mining rigs per client.

Contact us today to make a purchase and get started building your next stream of income.

Email accounts@zanshuri.com