Social Media and the march of Brexit

We’ve decided to make a concerted push with regards to our social media presence. This is a big step for us as when the business began, the blog was our main conduit for conveying information and updates.

That was all before GDPR, various data breaches by other organisations and rightful concerns around digital security. The result is, our following on social media has increased exponentially and so has our audience. This blog page has taken a bit of a backward step, though it hasn’t been abandoned by any stretch of the imagination.

In actual fact, you will note from our Instagram feed, that we launched a new high performance gaming laptop as recently as last week!

That system is called the Zanshuri Tau X Laptop and features a dual-battery setup which allows for the choice of extended run-time e.g. day long battery life, or ultra-high performance gaming making full use of the discrete Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card it ships with as standard.

We’ve also documented a number of successes in recent months in winning new clients in areas as diverse as financial services, postgraduate education and farming to name a few.

Political developments in the UK continue to roll-on, but we remain certain that good business will survive, no matter what.

Keep up to date with our work on social media using any of our social links on this webpage.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hardware has only just begun

We have recently published the initial results of our technical exercises in the form of video presentations. This has allowed us to demonstrate the feasibility of applying Zanshuri modifications to existing system design. The results were encouraging and this got us thinking.

The cost of manufacturing computer and server systems in the UK is fairly high. The upside of this however is the ability to maintain standards of quality control which would be deemed “excessive” by some. In our opinion having high standards is an important part of what we do.

So that won’t change. Where ever we manufacture our products.

However, we have a growing portfolio of technical innovations, inventions and patents. What value would some of those items represent to the constantly developing information technology industry? Yes a lot of information is consumed via mobile as opposed to fixed systems but there remains a need for fixed systems in the content creation space, as well as of course, information serving or datacenter applications.

This is an exciting time to be in technology. The rapid progress we see today in fields as diverse as artificial intelligence, cyber-security, robotics and virtual reality points to an increasingly digitized future in which the gap between knowledge and experience continues to shrink irrevocably. Imagine being able to step into the experience of an actual event, instead of simply reading about it.

Hardware has only just begun.

Server and workstation modification trials

Below is a short video presenting recent server modification trials conducted by Zanshuri. Both systems are identically configured with Intel Xeon CPU’s, 16GB RAM and matching non-RAID storage arrays. The operating system of choice is Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS selected for maximum stability. The servers were powered up for 10 minutes prior to the exercise being run and the ambient temperature was 4 degrees C.


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