In recent months, we have expanded the reach of our social media presence and encouraged exchanges of knowledge on areas outside our immediate scope. The reason for this is our constant desire to improve ourselves and by extension our products. And we all know the best way to improve is to learn and apply that learning.

The process of gaining benefit from different ways of thinking has been given many terms. One which we feel is quite fitting is “the diversification of exposure to knowledge”. If an entity is given myriad relevant opportunities to learn, to iterate and apply that learning, it must surely improve. We do not know of any individual or organisation which has suffered as a consequence of being too well informed.

We are applying this learning to help identify how our products can be aligned with the exact needs of our clients, now and in the future. How can energy efficient computing improve the capabilities, productivity, carbon footprint, finances and other concerns of your business or organisation? Your interaction with people. Your home.

Efficiency is important to us. It has been from the beginning. And the world we live in today seems to make it increasingly clear that efficiency is more important now than it has ever been.

We are doing something about that.

One of our current R&D activities is focused on developing a retro-fit capable solution to the massive energy consumption of existing data-centre server systems. Yes we have a superb range of energy efficient server and workstation class systems. And we are raising the profile of those products. However we know that developing something which can be introduced to the marketplace now, without the issue of introducing a new brand (even though Zanshuri is 8 years old) has the potential to produce wide-ranging improvements to the industry, the people and the world, as easily as possible.

This is something we absolutely can do. So we will, in the words of Captain Picard, “Make it so”.