The Meltdown and Spectre microprocessor vulnerabilities have presented a major problem to the computing industry. Although there have been no examples of the vulnerabilities having been used maliciously to date, it does need to be resolved. AMD, Arm and Intel are the three largest chip companies in the world and the fact that all three are in the process of rushing out fixes to the problem demonstrates the scale of the issue.

This has presented some well documented issues to the industry. The patching process has been proven to disable some AMD equipped computer systems, in that the some of those systems can no longer be booted successfully. This means they will no longer work. Fortunately we have never sold AMD-equipped computers.

Intel CPU’s over 5 years old are all at risk and Intel has been sending out patches for download to resolve this. The big issue around it is the fact that once the patch has been installed on some of those older computer systems; the expectation is that they will slow down significantly.

So how did we manage to avoid these vulnerabilities altogether?

We are a small company, incredibly agile and constantly pushing the envelope to stay ahead of the industry. A huge portion of our profit goes directly into Research & Development. And we stand apart from the rest of the industry as we engineer every single one of our computer systems to run as efficiently as possible, with no reduction in performance and minimal need for maintenance.

We use the very latest generation of Intel processors on all of our systems and although we have conducted extensive testing with both ARM (RISC chips) and AMD, we have never devised and sold a model range which uses either processors.

The current range of Intel processors is the 8th Generation.

Every Zanshuri system we currently sell features the latest 8th Generation CPU. The update patch which has been released for Intel CPU’s has no detrimental effect on the performance or integrity of 8th Generation CPU equipped systems.

We do not offer every processor in the Intel range. Instead we concentrate our efforts on determining the effectiveness of a distinct selection which meets our high standards for efficiency and performance having gone through our very rigorous testing process.

So if you are looking for high performance, quiet and energy efficient computers which will not slow down or fail to operate as expected, contact us now. We are happy to discuss orders on any scale and urge you to take a look at the Zanshuri range now.