Have you ever seen a Ted talk? If you are anything like me, you’re always looking for an opportunity to learn something new. Even when you’re not actively trying, your default position is self-improvement, self-development and gathering the tools and knowledge you need to help your peers, your society and perhaps even people you might never meet.

Or you just spend too much time on social media.

Either way a Ted talk is almost always a good thing to spend time watching.

And I recently saw a Ted talk which inspired me to sit up a little straighter in my chair. It was invariably tech-centered, but then much of the world is that way today. Digital technology has managed to gain a foothold in almost all aspects of modern life.

This Ted talk was delivered on the subject of green computing using next generation nanotechnology. A subject which whilst not necessary dinner party friendly, is very close to my heart. I have included it here for those of you who might want to see it in full (11:12 in length).

The crux of the message was the fact that total current global datacenter power consumption in combination would amount to the 5th highest energy consuming nation in the world. This an astonishing figure.

Without revealing too much information on our future pipeline of low energy computer systems, it is fair to say that our datacenter solutions are a lot more energy efficient than some of the racks and blades currently deployed. The Zanshuri Gamma for example, uses less than 50% of the total energy consumption of an equivalent server system from some of the top manufacturers. You might ask why our systems are not in those cabinets. It is simply a matter of time and marketing. It will happen. And that is just the servers.

Nanotechnology is the future of energy-efficient computing, supercomputing in fact.

Zanshuri will give you access to that technology, today.