Parking my car earlier I was struck with an interesting thought. If someone had stopped me 10 years ago and said I would be driving across the country in a fully electric car non-stop, I might have laughed at them if not for the fact that I am a gentleman. Perhaps I’d offer an incredulous smile and a pointed question about the lottery numbers for the following weekend. Bottom line, we are living in impressive times.

The idea I had in my youth beginning with the letter Z continues to attract quite a following and if I were so inclined, I might have pinched myself to check I wasn’t dreaming. Fortunately I am not so inclined.

Instead my team and I continue pushing the envelope. Learning about marketing, product development and general awesomeness one step at a time. Our plans for 2017 have been documented in many of our previous blog updates, including the continued reduction in both footprint and energy consumption of our devices, to the point where we are now able to offer near equivalent computational capability to our Zanshuri Sigma VR in the guise of a laptop system.

And of course, our continued development of non-IT specific products continues also. Zanshuri continues to be a force to be reckoned with and is attracting the attention it needs to continue growing.

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Next year I will be writing more extensively and the business will assume a higher profile on social, radio and televised media.  Haircuts have been arranged.

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*drops the mike*