This is the first Zanshuri update of 2017 and we’ve waited until now to assess the lay of the land before putting pen to paper… or fingers to keyboard in this case. In the midst of a new US President entering the White House and shaking the political establishment to the core, here at Zanshuri we have been making strides in our own way too.

We stepped up our marketing campaigns late last year to ensure that we extend our reach further. This includes the implementation of Lead Tracking software on our main web servers, as well as more activity on all of our social media platforms.

The email newsletter is a core part of the plan and it was never intended to be a one-way process. We would like you to write back to us and let us know how you think Zanshuri can help you achieve your goals this year. If it might help, we are happy to meet with you at your premises or ours to find out how best to assist you in your aims. We will also take the opportunity to introduce you to our high performance, low energy laptop, server and desktop computers. We have been able to conduct on site demonstrations in the past and in a similar manner, you can compare your current computing solution to the Zanshuri equivalent, and then work out exactly how much money the Zanshuri solution would save you.

Following an extended version of the above process, we were able to introduce two sizeable London Borough Councils to our computing hardware. Their onsite assessment of our products led them to conclude that the potential cost saving they would realise by using our computers was in the region of £7 million (8.82 million USD) a year.

The greater efficiency is also constructive in reducing the carbon consumption of your organisation. This is a factor which is growing in important to a wider audience, and don’t we all want a wider audience?

So don’t hesitate. Send an email to, or call us on +44 (0) 333 20 20 451 to discuss your needs.

As our motto says, our simple aim is to ensure our input is Always Better.

P.S. Tenacious D rocks forever.