Zanshuri is a British manufacturing business specialising in the design and distribution of highly energy-efficient computer systems. From their base in Essex just outside London, Zanshuri produce a range of laptop, desktop and server systems which deliver high performance and a high standard of reliability whilst consuming up to 90 percent less electricity than others with similar performance.

Zanshuri has been able to achieve remarkable results through a combination of novel engineering solutions. These include the application of solid-state storage, fanless designs where possible and wind-tunnel testing to optimise the movement of air within a defined enclosure. Furthermore, no Zanshuri system is under-clocked or feature-disabled in any way, unless the client requires this.

Since 2010, Zanshuri has supplied systems to clients in the UK and beyond finding applications in areas as diverse as finance, education, healthcare, government and scientific research to name a few. The aim of the company is to continue developing cutting-edge solutions which do not compromise performance yet are able to reduce the carbon-footprint of any organization which is dependent on IT, by a significant amount. In 2016 an independent assessment of one of our solutions on site at Newham and Havering Council was found to offer an energy and maintenance cost saving of over £7 million pounds a year, compared to the incumbent system.

The business has recently added two new systems to their growing range. One is an incredibly high-performance Virtual Reality computer system, which marries multi-GPU technology with Active Power Management to deliver the best of both worlds.

The second is a completely silent, Intel Quad core system, which features no moving parts and can be configured to run the Windows 10 64-bit operating system at less than 5 watts on DC power or 7 watts on AC.

Zanshuri has an active social media following, an online sales portal ( and a topical blog reflecting industrial developments and tech news which is accessible on their website,

Zanshuri is definitely a company on the rise in technology.

For more information call UK 0333 20 20 451 or email