There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about the increasing popularity of mining various types of Crypto-currency. The very lucrative nature of this business and what it represents in the form of the “dawning of a new financial and technological age”.

This is very exciting of course. The technical implementation of solutions around Bitcoin mining are a little involved however. So the greatest benefits of mining remain in the hands of those who are happy to get their hands dirty and put in the time, effort and constant research needed to maximise your return on investment.

A mining rig for example is something which at the very least needs daily checks, incredibly good cooling and of course, a lot of power.

Which is why Zanshuri holds the key.

Our systems make the most efficient use of power to maximise computational capability. We have some of the most capable FPO (floating point operations) desktop and server systems in the world, today. From a price to performance perspective, we are at or near the top of the envelope.

However many people don’t want to put in the many thousands needed to set up a really effective rig. So what options are there for people in that position?

  • Apply your current system setup to mine when it isn’t otherwise in use
  • Join a mining coalition
  • Build a mining rig and maintain it yourself, or with others
  • Do nothing and hope the banks start being nice to you

We have three options which might be more suitable depending on your needs.

  1. Buy a Zanshuri mining rig which you or your team will self-configure and own
  2. Buy a Zanshuri mining system with a high-contact service level agreement (SLA)
  3. Lease a hosted Zanshuri mining system with guaranteed upgrades to maximise your income

We are in the business of building success. Contact us today so that we can help you do the same.