Here at Zanshuri, we’re all about detail. And those of you who follow our way of thinking will have noticed that in recent years we have made great strides in the development of cyber secure solutions to every day computing tasks.

A point which we have repeatedly made in talks, white papers and blog updates is the fact that simplicity is the key to the most profound developments in computing and telecommunications today. Of course it is obvious that some advances and developments are complex in their architecture, made up of millions upon millions of lines of code and requiring the combined talents of a large, highly motivated team of developers. That cannot be denied as it is a stark reality. However the subsequent use of those solutions should be as near as possible, transparent and simplicity itself to the end user. Failure to apply this truth leads to the least desirable outcome in that the technical solution is incorrectly applied or completely ignored instead.

The consequences of which include major lapses in data security, wide-scale identity theft, financial turmoil at all levels and possible geo-political errors which can lead to the loss of life potentially on a huge scale.

As a technology business deeply entrenched in the development of future-centric computing systems for use today, our focus is not simply on how to continue pushing the envelope of technical innovation, but also on laying the foundation to the most efficient uptake of those innovations. Our clients are not all technical wizards, but include schools and colleges, artists, charities and businesses too.

There is no point making the most amazing winter jacket ever, if it only comes in one size.

We have made significant inroads in our search for likeminded software entities who can share our vision for a more secure and accessible digital landscape. The consequent systems which will marry our incredible performance and efficiency parameters with reliable, automated security measures will certainly have a very positive impact on how safe we feel about our electronic interactions, the transfer of data and the exchange of private material.

Zanshuri has one goal and one goal only. To always be better.

This is simply another manifestation of that intention.

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