z-only First off, the post today is going to be a little on the side of self-promotion. We don’t make a habit of extolling the virtues of Team Zanshuri, even on our own blog entries. So this is a rare foray out into that uninhabited terrain.

In the beginning at Zanshuri, we set ourselves the goal of developing the most energy efficient range of real-world computers, anywhere. By real-world we mean the type of systems that we use for everyday activities, be they office work, surfing the web, doing homework, playing games etc. We are not in the business of building purely educational or experimental systems such as the Raspberry Pi, or any of the myriad Arduino or Edison type units. A Zanshuri system is first and foremost a tool which you can use productively from the moment it is switched on.

In the process of developing our presence in such a densely populated marketplace, we were able to refine and develop our ideals. Our priorities are not dissimilar to those of most clients. A Zanshuri systems has to be reliable, fast and eco-friendly. The emphasis we place on solid state technology ensures that the responsiveness you rightly expect is always there. The fact that we never employ the practice of under-clocking is equally relevant. There is one other difference which in addition to all of the above, lifts us as a business clear of the competition. We want to sell you exactly what you need.

This means we take the time to speak with you, our client. To find out how you intend to use our systems. We can advise you on matters which you may have overlooked, agree about what you have determined correctly and if necessary, urge you to consider options more in line with your needs.

As a result of this we learned to develop one aspect of our business even more than our already high standards of build-quality and engineering. Higher than our constant effort to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency. And that one aspect of our business has led to Zanshuri being where it is today, in having absolutely zero customer complaints and/or returns in almost seven years of business.

Incredible customer service.

At Zanshuri, customer service is our absolute priority. If you are considering a Zanshuri system, you are already attuned towards sustainability and eco-friendly products. You already want and need the highest standards of performance and over -engineering possible. So why wouldn’t you expect to be treated as an individual and not just an order number?

We offer extensive warranties as standard and are the only British IT manufacturer to offer online lifetime support for ALL of our systems. We might not have the budget of many established IT manufacturers (yet), but we do have the agility and intellect to respond quickly and emphatically to customer needs. That is why we are enjoying one of the fastest periods of growth in our short history. It is why our product line is growing at a near exponential rate and it underlines why you should buy from us.

At Zanshuri, we live by our motto and grow by it too.

Always better.