Environmental issues have been in the news lately, even more so than usual. Many years ago I wrote a paper on deforestation which I submitted for discussion at the Kyoto Summit. The contents of that paper are as relevant now as they were then. The decision taken by the US government to eliminate themselves from the proposals outlined at the French Environmental Summit are set to send shockwaves through the industry.

We are less inclined to think this way. And this is why.

The “green agenda” stemmed from the awareness that the increasingly high emission of greenhouse gases, the growth of certain types of agriculture and of course marine practices, was causing tangible detriment to the world around us. The erosion of our land masses, the degradation of coral reefs the world over and daily eradication of species all over the world.

Addressing these issues head-on is a formidable task. It remains a vital element in the fight against gradual global destruction. However, it cannot be the only approach we take.

Fantastic developments in engineering have served to raise living standards, introduce opportunities which would have been impossible to even consider in their absence and positively contribute to the existence of all. And that is always a good thing.

Our endeavours in engineering have served to raise our profile, such that we were recently featured in Eureka Engineering magazine. The recognition is wonderful and our efforts continue at a pace.

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