z-only Those of you who are familiar with our Facebook presence might have picked up on the current Zanshuri staff musings on the subject of what we would each like for Christmas. I know it is a shock to find that we aren’t permanently hunched over a myriad pcb’s surrounded by oscilloscopes and soldering irons. Okay, some of us are but not everyone.

So those of us who are inclined to drift of into imagination land have come back with ideas which cover the gamut of pining for a misspent youth to the deciding whether or not the future electric car on the driveway will have metallic paint or not.

Which got us thinking. Just how long has the electric car been around? Of course, our first port of call was the ever present Google.

There are a number of possible answers online, though nothing conclusive. Of course many people might say otherwise, but we generally agree with the idea that the electric vehicle came about as a result of particular inventions including of course, the battery and the electric motor.

Without delving too deeply into this, we would seek to point you in this direction, should you seek to learn more about the electric car, before I go off on a tangent.

Now of course, the pace of development of hybrid and full electric vehicles is such that there is a very real probability that the internal combustion engine will soon be a thing of the past.

Now coming back to what we do here at Zanshuri (when we’re not compiling lists for Santa), there has actually been such a thing as the internal combustion powered computer. We know this because we met the gentleman who built it. As you can imagine, it hasn’t really taken off as a tool for the office. Apparently this was due to excessive noise, vibration and the production of noxious fumes.

So instead, we make improvements in the way information systems work today.

But that doesn’t only have to mean computers, does it?


Our ideas are transferable, realistic and being implemented today. It is exciting to harness the minds and energies of a driven team, who live and work in a time of wonder, discourse and endless possibilities. To occupy a niche upon which the spotlight of opportunity currently shines brightly. The culmination of decades of effort, experimentation and singed fingertips.

In the words of Bruce Springsteen

Talk about a dream, try to make it real.

2017 will be a great year.