z-onlyIt feels like just the other day we were welcoming in 2016. The realisation that we are now a mere five weeks away from the end of the year has come as a surprise. It has been an amazing year for us at Zanshuri and we are sure for you too.

Without delving too deeply into politics, the Brexit vote and the result of the US Election have left a few people reeling. Others have taken developments at face value and found that once the noise and fury dies down it is simply business as usual. Products and services will always be made available and people will buy what they need or more correctly, what they want to buy. And the world keeps on turning.

However the fact that that various elections in the Western world have returned such unexpected results is really nothing new. Within the last five years, the Arab Spring has been in full swing and changes in political leadership are no longer the exception but very much the norm. That isn’t to say that Dictatorships are no more. Those who decide to retain their grip on power will no doubt try to do what they have always done, with varying levels of success. Time catches up with all.

So nothing is forever.

Which serves as a wonderful segue into the renewed Zanshuri product range for 2017. Do you like what I did there?

For all you power hungry, yet sustainability focused individuals we are extending Zanshuri Tau range to include a high-end, desktop replacement VR spec laptop computer. We have cunningly decided to name it the Zanshuri Tau VR laptop.

As an homage to the works of McLaren, Ferrari and BMW in developing hybrid vehicles which combine high performance with environmental consideration, the Zanshuri Tau VR is the platform we have chosen to demonstrate extreme capability with reduced power draw. The base configuration of the system closely matches the performance of the class-leading Zanshuri Sigma VR Tower computer, in a portable albeit not lightweight package. As a gaming, CAD or VR workstation it stands alone.

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