AMD has finally presented a real challenge to Intel in the desktop processor space. Though this kind of thing has been said before, with the release and maturing of the AMD Ryzen and Threadripper CPU’s, the reality has served to live up to the hype.

Though there are some reservations at the moment around the suitability of these chips in high-end gaming or 4 to 8k virtual reality applications, the only real sticking point is the fact that only a small number of games are currently able to make use of such a high core count (6, 16, 24 and 32 core options abound from AMD at the moment). However as game development begins to make use of this, the better placed these chips will be to cater to those needs.

We have always placed emphasis on the importance of energy efficiency in all of our designs, and AMD seems to be on board with that now. As a result, we have shipped a number of Zanshuri Sigma mATX systems equipped with various builds of the Ryzen CPU. Those systems have met with success as is reflected in the client feedback we have had so far.

Ultimately we are considering making the move to supplying AMD Ryzen based systems alongside our current Intel range as a matter of course. Should you be interested in this, feel free to contact us using

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