z-onlyIf the first time you read the words cyber security, a Terminator-like image enters your mind or shades of ED-209 urging you to reach for the sky echo in your ears, then you are probably as much of a geek as I am. And spend far too much time watching movies.

What am I saying, there is no such thing as “spending far too much time watching movies”.

I digress.

Cyber Security might extend to those extremes at some point in a dystopian future, but for now your imaginings need not stray beyond common sense.

In the same way that you don’t make your banking pin numbers public, you should aim to protect your passwords and private data.

Using public wireless networks to access your social media feed might not be a massive breach of EU law, but it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that it isn’t always as secure as it may seem.

We’re not intent on pointing out the obvious here, so we’ll keep it brief.

  • Keep all your login details secure. Use a mix of letters, numbers and symbols where possible
  • Change your login details periodically
  • Stop using basic passwords like ‘password, 1234 or qwertyuiop’. Seriously
  • Invest in decent internet security software from a reputable outlet like us
  • Avoid the use of torrents, bit-torrents and illegal download sites
  • If in doubt, be sure to ask your local friendly IT geek. There are many of us in the wild

The bottom line is, if you doubt the sensibility of the circumstances in which you find yourself, then it is time to find yourself new circumstances.

As my great-great-grandmother used to say, “stop leaving yourself logged in on Facebook”.*

* Note: That last line was completely made up. My great-great grandmother wrote all my Facebook updates for me.**

** Note: No, she only managed my LinkedIn profile.***

***Note: There is a theme developing here.