Our vision is to work with you to make the world a better place. It’s as simple as that.

For example, our founder and Chief Executive is a lifelong environmental evangelist. He wrote his first paper concerning deforestation at the age of 12 and followed it with a discourse on the Kyoto summit in his teens. He supports green campaigns as he has done since childhood, initiates recycling and efficiency projects on a regular basis and often volunteers with homeless shelters. His philosophy is the core of the Zanshuri ideal. Always to do better, to adapt, engage and promote our fellow human being as well as our environment.

The induction programme at Zanshuri is centred on our wish to understand what drives the prospective Zanshuri employee to better society and indirectly the world, through her or his actions. Our intention is to share and learn how we can more effectively contribute to the greater good in all that we do. And of course, to implement that intention in a productive and responsible manner.

We seek the same level of dedication to relevant issues from our logistics partners, suppliers and procurement team. And of course, the small matter of our IT base being arguably the most efficient on earth does help with our day to day activities.

So that is our take on the corporate vision. It might not be voluminous, fashionable or hugely aspirational.

However it is real.

And that should be what matters.

We can save the world.


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