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Zanshuri is an innovative young business, determined to raise the profile of sustainable technology with a view to making the world a better place. Our team is made up of smart, passionate individuals who work together to do our very best, every day.

Chib Nwokonkor – Founder & CEO

Chib is an engineer, entrepreneur and an environmentalist. Since submitting his first paper on the topic of deforestation, for consideration by world leaders during the Kyoto Summit at just 12 years old, he has not stopped. His desire is to introduce beneficial change and a positive lasting legacy to the world and the way all of us live and work.

He studied computer science at the University of Manchester where he read widely on Artificial Intelligence, Thermodynamics and Energy. He was quickly headhunted and went on to work in various roles, culminating in a role with IBM in Chicago, USA. He later returned to England where he established Zanshuri in 2010 with a view to making this manufacturing company number one in the world for quality of engineering, adaptability and eco-friendly product development.

When he isn’t working out how to change the world, Chib spends his time restoring classic cars, being a school mentor or perfecting his design for a solar powered ship.

Email chib@zanshuri.com


Sally Eldin-Dalziel – Business Manager

At a young age Sally took an interest in learning about the environment and sustainability. She grew up reading, watching and learning about environmental issues and exploring potential solutions. When she reached High School, she became fascinated by Media and studied it throughout much of her school life and at university. Her meticulous attention to detail served to expose her to the world of software development. Here she spent much of her time immersing herself in programming, testing and learning the trade.

Over the years Sally has diversified her skills in various industries, including Marketing, public relations (PR) and managing a radio station. When Sally first heard of Zanshuri she was astounded. The company married two of her passions; technology and the environment. She was eager to join the team and assist with the growth, publicity and development of Zanshuri. She has been instrumental in engineering the increasing exposure of Zanshuri, which amongst other things has served to attract a number of significant nominations and awards for the business. She is also heavily involved in the user experience development of the websites, as well as client outreach and engagement activities.

Sally intends to further develop Zanshuri and raise the profile of the business as much as possible. She believes Zanshuri does reflect its absolute meaning: Always Better.

Email sally@zanshuri.com


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