Many years ago I was living at home with my parents, messing around on bikes, skateboards and computers. There were always bits of chains, sprockets, wheels and motherboards littering the front room. My folks were really laid back about it all too. I had always been eager to take things apart and learn to put them together again. However being more inquisitive than anything else, putting them together didn’t always mean they would look the same as they did before.

Specifically with computers, I was really interested in learning how to make them work faster. I did this by over-volting (overclocking is the current popular term) the CPU and experimenting until something went bang. Then I would lay my hands on replacement parts and start all over again. Until the “something went bang” moment stopped happening.

Those supercharged 286 and XT boxes were all well and good, but I noticed that the power draw of these systems was raised significantly as a result of what I was doing. This came to my attention as the CPU fan in all cases had to work much harder than before and that manifested itself as noise. Sometimes billowing smoke too.

So then I decided to investigate this further. My question was, how do I get more performance out of these computers, without using so much energy.

And invariably I’d have to do other things like tidy my room, or take out the trash. An awful tally of distractions.

The question was always waiting there for me when I got back to my workshop aka parents front room.

Needless to say, I was able to answer the question and have now built a range of computer systems which prove the fact. Computers which are powerful, efficient and very very fast.

Not bad for a ten year old!

Chib Nwokonkor – CEO, Zanshuri




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