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Our new Zanshuri Delta PC is the product of intense testing ahead of product approval. Built using mission critical components with which we are very familiar the Zanshuri Delta PC is an absolutely cutting edge…
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This impressively tiny, near silent almost invisible computer system plugs into any HDMI equipped display (TV, monitor, projector etc) allowing you to deploy a full Windows or Linux desktop with minimal hassle…
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xeon_D_1u_front 80-80

Gamma Server

The Zanshuri Gamma server system is a revelation in efficient server class technology. Outperforming much of the Xeon e3 and e5 range by a factor of two, this system marries power with efficiency in a way never seen…
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Tau Max

The Zanshuri Tau laptop computer is designed to present the best of Zanshuri technology in a portable format for powerful mobile computing. It features a full HD display with a matte finish to minimize glare…
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