Ethics & Principles

cropped-zanshuri512_square.jpgZanshuri specialises in the design and manufacture of some of the most energy efficient computers in the world. We are passionate about our intention to make the world a better place in the best way we know.

In the age of information, every organisation, formal or otherwise, exists on the basis of information. The computers which allow the collation, exchange and use of that information are now an essential part of what we do. At Zanshuri we recognise that if a business, charity, university or otherwise can be persuaded to exchange a thousand loud, wasteful old computers for our silent, energy efficient systems, they can save money, alleviate stress and most importantly reduce the environmental impact they have on the planet Earth.

Everything we do is geared to that end.

So in addition to selling the most amazing examples of computer hardware imaginable, we also support key charities, sustainable agendas and projects which are beneficial to all.



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