Did you ever see the TV show called The Jetsons?

Or Terrahawks?

Perhaps you watched Tomorrows World or even 2057.

All are massively different television programmes but they do have a shared theme.

The first two were set in an imagined future Earth and the third referenced futuristic developments in the real world.

I found it all fascinating.

The reality of living where we are now is no less fascinating.

Admittedly there does seem to be an absence of flying cars in every garage, but other developments are no less remarkable.

One thing which always bothered me was, if everything was ultimately going to be automated and robots would take over in fields which demanded manual labour as easily as they can be applied to skilled labour, then what would people do?

Yes there are various discussions about an increasing interest in artistic endeavours and philosophical discussions. That may indeed be the case. Yet those activities would at the very least, be most accessible to the upper echelons of society. No doubt lower classes would jump at the chance to while away the hours on cerebral pursuits, but should the family or the state be unable to support such a lifestyle, what then?

Unfortunately it does appear that the existing gap between the rich and the poor would not only remain but would in fact, grow. Where lower and middle incomes are decimated through robotics and automation, and even skilled roles such as airline pilots, surgeons and actuaries would be consigned to the history books, what would happen to those who are unable to relax in the knowledge that they can lean on many millions or more in accumulated family wealth?

What happens then?

Investing is the key.

The bottom line is business will always be the ultimate arbiter between those who have and those who have not. Even before currencies in any form existed, barter, labour and skills exchange were the way in which people managed to thrive and not simply exist. If one is unable to engage in the “work” of running the business, a better thing to do is to own the business.

Owning a business does not mean you have to be the sole proprietor of it. Instead you can be a shareholder in that business and own a small percentage of it. A percentage of a dividend generating business is the way to do it. Multiples of this is the way to succeed.

The financial landscape is changing massively today. The stock market is only one way of investing. What has emerged to challenge the dominance of the stock market is cryptocurrencies.

As a very brief summary, cryptocurrencies offer a way for an individual or organisation to own or trade in tokens which represent units or “shares” in a business or project, designed to conduct a specific task. That business may be in process automation, logistics, financial transactions, internet bandwidth or anything measurable. By owning “coins” in a cryptocurrency you invest in a business or project in the belief that the value of your investment will grow as the business grows, or that your investment will be resilient against the manipulation of governments and political impropriety.

This is all possible today. The issue continues to be the energy cost required to engage in these activities.

What if we were to eliminate that cost, or to make it so low as to be almost inconsequential?

And in doing so you were then able to have your very own golden goose. A self-managed machine which works ceaselessly, to release cryptocurrency tokens direct to your personal wallet or account?

This is what we have named the Zanshuri AEG – Automated Efficient Graphics solution. You can call it the golden AEG.

We are now in the second decade of our core business, which is the design and manufacture of very energy efficient computer systems. Our knowledge in this field is second to none. Our products continue to enable business in some of the most remote and inhospitable corners of the world. Use of Zanshuri computers serves to minimise IT costs for hospitals, universities and homes on every continent. All we have done is refine that knowledge into the development of a small, PC-sized, fully upgradeable and energy efficient, crypto-currency mining device.

The Zanshuri AEG is your key to the future.