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Number crunching has long been the absolute foundation of technological and empirical progress. Be it the seminal work of Charles Babbage in creating what was later coined, the first mechanical computer, through to the works of Alan Turing and his colleagues at Bletchley park in breaking the Enigma code during the second world war.

Today a super computer can be found working on such diverse applications as medical healthcare, the search for extra-terrestrial life, defence, scientific research and animation.

You can add blockchain to that list too.

The massive capability of systems which are put to work on complex algorithms is not measured in simple CPU cycles or core counts. Data is measured in terabytes, petabytes or exabytes. Performance aka speed, is counted in petaflops.

The Zanshuri Omikron Supercomputer offers petaflop grade computing capability which you can buy today.

It would be unfair of us to use the term desktop as our standard single unit build of the computer stands at over 6 feet tall. Server would also be a misnomer as the emphasis is more on processing ability than storage and throughput. The computer can however be configured with as much local storage and bandwidth capacity as you or your organisation requires.

The Zanshuri Omikron Supercomputer therefore offers massively parallel computing capability based on a multi-GPU array and an air-cooled open chassis configuration designed around triple redundant 1500 watt power supplies.  It is recommended to be maintained in an environmentally managed, controlled access environment and runs a bespoke 64-bit Linux operating system. It can be configured to run Windows.

Efficiency is not ignored, being central to all that we do. Though the Zanshuri Omikron Supercomputer is an admittedly power hungry system, when you consider that the capability a single unit offers would exceed that of the average 100 rack server datacenter, the energy consumption of our solution is significantly smaller. Thus the name, Omikron.

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* the patented Zanshuri sense of humour remains fully functional. And yes, that is the correct email address.

What is Bitcoin

Whilst pondering how to write a detailed piece on Bitcoin, crypto-currency and associated digital financial developments, we found a number of wonderfully descriptive video introductions on it which you can take a look at below. However we can also provide a two line summary as follows:

Bitcoin and its associated electronic currencies represent the biggest upheaval to financial markets since the realisation of the terms trade and barter. If you aren’t yet into it, you need to move fast.

How does Zanshuri come into the picture?

One of our varied interests at Zanshuri is finance. We have been mining Bitcoin (amongst other currencies) for some years now. Our energy efficient computer designs have given us an edge over the rest of the world as one of the core requirements of crypto-mining is that the systems used to mine are being run at or close to 100% performance for the entire time they are working. This places enormous stress on a system and of course, uses a lot of electricity and produces a lot of heat whilst also needed around the clock maintenance in the form of on-site support, to minimize any downtime. This is because downtime means your systems are not working properly. And if they’re not working properly, you’re not making any money. All of these elements play into our hands:

  • Zanshuri systems produce much less heat than other computers
  • Zanshuri systems outperform equivalent systems from our competitors
  • Zanshuri systems use a lot less electricity than systems from our competitors

Those are some very good reasons to choose to use Zanshuri for all your Crypto-currency mining needs. There is more though. We have established a facility whereby you can specify and purchase a Bitcoin (or other currency) mining rig from us, and pay a fixed fee for maintenance in line with a standard Service Level Agreement. Our world class facilities are properly ensured, naturally cooled due to remote location of those facilities and as our systems are so energy efficient, we will not charge you any fees for the use of electricity, subject to the a limit of ten mining rigs per client.

Contact us today to make a purchase and get started building your next stream of income.


Mining, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum et al

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about the increasing popularity of mining various types of Crypto-currency. The very lucrative nature of this business and what it represents in the form of the “dawning of a new financial and technological age”.

This is very exciting of course. The technical implementation of solutions around Bitcoin mining are a little involved however. So the greatest benefits of mining remain in the hands of those who are happy to get their hands dirty and put in the time, effort and constant research needed to maximise your return on investment.

A mining rig for example is something which at the very least needs daily checks, incredibly good cooling and of course, a lot of power.

Which is why Zanshuri holds the key.

Our systems make the most efficient use of power to maximise computational capability. We have some of the most capable FPO (floating point operations) desktop and server systems in the world, today. From a price to performance perspective, we are at or near the top of the envelope.

However many people don’t want to put in the many thousands needed to set up a really effective rig. So what options are there for people in that position?

  • Apply your current system setup to mine when it isn’t otherwise in use
  • Join a mining coalition
  • Build a mining rig and maintain it yourself, or with others
  • Do nothing and hope the banks start being nice to you

We have three options which might be more suitable depending on your needs.

  1. Buy a Zanshuri mining rig which you or your team will self-configure and own
  2. Buy a Zanshuri mining system with a high-contact service level agreement (SLA)
  3. Lease a hosted Zanshuri mining system with guaranteed upgrades to maximise your income

We are in the business of building success. Contact us today so that we can help you do the same.

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