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the reason

A complete desktop computer uses an average of 200 W/hour. This is the sum of the average consumption per hour of the computer itself (171 W), the internet modem (10 W), the printer (5 W) and the loudspeakers (20 W). Assuming that a computer is on for eight hours a day, the annual consumption comes to over 580 kWh. […]

a business by the beach

Hello and welcome to the Zanshuri newsletter. Admittedly we have been offline regarding updates for a short while, but a lot has been happening behind the scenes. Our new production facility near Southend is now fully up and running. The Zanshuri range for 2016 is now on the shelves, featuring Intel 6th Generation processors, USB-C (USB […]

the briefest of updates

This has been a very busy time of year for Zanshuri. Following the mention of our office move and continuing expansion there has been a drive to revise many business processes. Much of what we have been doing has been very successful and the company continues to grow. The established line of Zanshuri computer hardware […]

kers for motherboards

We have often experimented with the idea of producing an efficient yet powerful laptop computer. You might think that milestone has already been reached, what with the interest in mobile computing having accelerated in recent years. Yes laptops have become smaller, lighter and more powerful in some instances. And the word “efficiency” has even found […]

efficient home part 1

Our regular travels on the interweb (lol) have regularly unearthed wonderful technological developments which might otherwise have passed us by. A recent and very interesting finding is the following video which documents a co-operative development by the Welsh School of Architecture and SIPS Wales Ltd. The interest in ecological solutions to environmentally relevant issues is […]

systems xyz

The question often arises as to just how efficient is the average computer and why should anyone care about this? A computer is little more than an appliance which is used to get a job done. Very little thought is given to it beyond all that is needed of it. However in this time of […]

growing pains

You know that feeling you get when you find a new home? The one where everything seems so cool and full of potential. That’s the feeling we have right now. Zanshuri has a new HQ and we are absolutely over the moon with it. Not that it is physically positioned over the moon. That would […]

networking 101

You know those moments when you might be in the midst of a dream. A vivid one. You find yourself in a room, surrounded by strangers. People who you don’t know as you’ve never met them before. All eager to shake hands, ask earnest questions and tell you what they do or who they represent. […]

and the livin is easy

Summertime is here again. At least now that the weather is warm enough to actually consider venturing outside without a jacket, it must be. Aside from the near-guarantee of three days of warmth, ice cream and road rage there is another development more useful to our business than many. And it has nothing to do with […]

how is that possible

It is rare and quite warming to hear someone in your vicinity utter these words in shock and amazement whilst looking at you. “How is that possible?” In the passage of time I have had a great many things said to me. Some good, some less good and a lot of it not ideal for […]

behind the scenes

Here we are, halfway through 2015 and what a year it’s been already. The continuing awakening of environmental matters has proven beneficial to the uptake of efficient alternatives to established systems and processes. Wind farms have continued to proliferate globally, the electric vehicle is becoming an increasingly common sight on UK roads and the upward […]

out there

It has been a fantastic few weeks of meetings and networking, getting the Zanshuri name on peoples lips and raising our overall profile. Yesterday we attended the BRX forum meeting on Southampton Row, London. There we gave a live demonstration of the silent and fanless Zanshuri Epsilon computer running the latest pre-release build of Windows […]

pace of change

As always the pace of technological change never ceases to amaze me. Over the last hundred years we’ve seen the motor car, space flight and the production line amongst other things. Of course some would find a reason to argue to the contrary, but it is simply a fact. There will always be contrarians though, […]

energy cannot be destroyed

This week we celebrated Earth day. An opportunity to revel in the wonders of the world we live in and the beauty which surrounds us. Pope Francis delivered a speech to mark the occasion and I am sure there was much joy and laughter around the world. Unfortunately I wasn’t invited to indulge in the […]

D I don’t

I recently took it upon myself to take care of some matters around the house. I think the usual term is DIY, short for Do It Yourself as opposed to calling in the professionals. The last part of the sentence is omitted from the acronym, I think strategically for the purposes of lulling optimistic persons […]

zanshuri epsilon 2015

2015 continues to fly by at an amazing pace. Zanshuri is making great progress. And business like progress is good.We’ve taken the decision to retire not one but two systems from our range. Namely the Zanshuri Alpha and the Zanshuri Beta units.This decision was taken in an effort to simplify the process of selecting a […]

a new dawn

In the pursuit of the holy grail of low energy, high performance computing we have begun to consider the word most dreaded amongst system integrators the world over. Fanless! Yes fanless computers seem to promise complete silence, enviable performance and zero vibration. Essential in for example, recording studios, operating theatres and (my personal favourite) the rocket […]

a hybrid interlude

Although I don’t own a car as I live in central London, I am a bit of a motoring geek. Yes I know it sounds dire but I have survived this inner turmoil through reason and exercise. Initially there were failed attempts at riding a bicycle through the mean streets, but I stopped due to […]

another month another mobile

Samsung just released the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. These are both great phones and to a geek like me, well worth watching a lengthy Youtube reveal for. The new Galaxy is lighter than before, more powerful and more premium-looking in its design. It has an improved fingerprint scanner, a non-removable battery and non-expandable […]

the cloud 2015

There has been a lot of talk in recent times about the advent of the cloud, or to pen it correctly, THE CLOUD. This phenomenon which is said to be about to change the world of computing has been around for about 20 years now, pretty much since folk started uploading funny cat images to […]

how much

Its been a while since I wrote a seriously geeky post, and seeing as it is February 10th and that date has absolutely nothing of significance to do with geeky news (or does it?), I thought I’ll do it anyway. Hmm, I’m actually really curious about what happened on February 10th now. This is going […]

the bottom line

Over-engineered The product review and update process we began late last year is now drawing to a close with our final testing of the Zanshuri Alpha, Beta, Delta and Sigma systems successfully completing pre-release Windows 10 accreditation. The testing programme was arduous and lengthy, but a happy outcome of it is that our Zanshuri Sigma […]

zanshuri sigma 2015

We review our range of computing solutions on a regular basis, as should be the norm in this fast evolving industry. And one of our most popular models  is the Zanshuri Sigma PC. The Sigma was designed to bridge the gap between conventional, desktop or pedestal type computers and small form factor (SFF) efficient computers. […]

the year of experimentation

We’re about to begin testing a new avenue for Zanshuri. Our entire standard computer system range is based on the mini-ITX motherboard platform. And this has been fine to date. So much so that we’re going to stick with it as our core line-up. The experimentation comes in the our decision to develop a micro-ATX […]

the magic number

With the celebrations over and the decorations taken down for another few months everything is back to normal now. Though your idea of normal might differ a little from that of others. The break was welcome and enjoyed but I am excited to unveil the latest plans for the business. Zanshuri is well on the […]

thank you from us

The year is swiftly drawing to a close so I thought now would be a good opportunity to send a thank you message to all the clients and supporters of Zanshuri over the last 12 months.The business has seen real growth over this period. We have successfully launched new products, re-engineered some existing lines and […]

power use update 2014

I decided it was about time I communicated the latest power use figures for our range of systems and this update gives the perfect opportunity. We have used different CPU/motherboard/SSD combinations in some cases which have impacted the watt figures since we last published figures.The Zanshuri Delta and Zanshuri Alpha PC range are both triple […]

ntt, opensuse and tizen

Linux Mint and OpenSUSE have both recently been upgraded to version 17.1 and 13.2 respectively. This news has been overshadowed somewhat by the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop and to a lesser extent, the unwinding revelation that is Windows 10.In Operating System terms, a full term revision ending in dot zero (.0) is usually seen […]

hybrid computer 2014

We’ve been straddling the fanless and standard computing camps for many years now. Both types of computer have their positive and negative attributes. Cost has always been an important factor in the industry, but with the growing significance of green issues, sustainability and cost per square foot, this argument is gathering prominence beyond technology forums.So […]

operating systems 2014

As we continue our testing programme with Windows 10, it is interesting to assess the current operating system software choices being made. Windows XP remains incredibly popular for something which is no longer officially supported (beyond specific Microsoft and client SLA’s). The fact it was a great OS is not in question. Users have to […]

I would much prefer that to the alternative

My credentials as a geek were placed firmly on the line by my apparent reluctance to watch the latest Bladerunner movie. In my defence I have had a few distractions to address and more than that, I was hoping the new film would not ruin the wonderful acclaim attributed to the franchise.

Fortunately, Bladerunner 2049 was excellent. If you are in any way a geek, a nerd or all of the aforementioned you should definitely watch it.

Whilst recreating the steampunk overtones of the first movie, Bladerunner 2049 served to continue many of the innovative themes which were touched on in the Harrison Ford original. For example, videophones were non-existent before the first Bladerunner film. Semi-intelligent automated voice control systems were also an eye-opener, as was the biometric security sidearm. Today all of these are a reality.

The new film introduced us to the idea of high-altitude flying cars, fully submerged motorways and emotionally active A.I with the capacity to demonstrate empathy, appreciate art and of course, superhuman replicants. None of these suggestions are beyond the sphere of possibility.

The Bladerunner movies should be a core component of any Computer Science 101 class and I am sure will be repeat-viewing for many technophobes also. They really do hint at an achievable future. However good or bad that may be.

How we made our first million.

Wow! Typing that actually feels pretty cool. I still remember going from being king of the mountain in primary school to suddenly becoming a tiny minnow in the ocean full of sharks called secondary school. That was pretty daunting. In fact at first it was downright horrifying, but as each day passed it did get easier. A bit like business I suppose.

Hopefully regarding your business, you’ll have managed to spend as little time as possible in the “horrifying” part. It isn’t nice. But like a big van with a tiny engine, it gradually recedes into life’s rear view mirror.

Now let me be clear here. This isn’t a how-to guide. There are books written by smarter men and women than I which will guide you along the path much more eloquently than I ever could. What is more, I am still deep in the learning phase, as I expect to be for much of my life. To paraphrase both Jim Rohn and Steve Jobs in one fell swoop: Stay hungry.

That is the key.

Really, those two words say it all. The moment you think you have arrived at the top of the hill and you believe no one can come near you, is the same moment your professional demise begins. Do not give in to hubris, self-satisfaction or false comfort.

Instead continue to set new challenges. Raise your standards and wow your clients. All your clients. Even those who are yet to become your clients. Ideally you want people to queue up, eager to buy from you.

And why, aside from the fact that it’ll take care of your bottom line?

Simply because the knowledge you and your team gain from delivering the best quality product, service or experience to your clients is worth more than all the gold, silver and bitcoin in the world.

Anyway, I’m getting away from myself a little now. The good stuff is going to have to wait for the book which will follow. In time.

See this more as a starter for ten. An invitation to an open floor, where ideas and experiences will be handed out like paper napkins. Bountiful, essential and to those unable to conceive of the inherent value of the right words at the right time, deceptive in their apparent lack of substance.

Today social media dominates the world of new business. What you present to the world is almost irrelevant compared to the manner in which it is presented. Courtesy, sincerity and attention to detail take center stage. Listening to the needs of your customers is one thing. Responding to those needs is quite another. Which do you think might benefit your business the most?

If something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing it right. Or in the words of my mother, “Tidy your room”. So often did I hear those three words even after tidying my room that I became determined to ensure said bedroom reached Country Living standards of excellence. And in doing so, I heard those words less and less.

In our business, we make some of the best products in their field. And that didn’t happen by accident. Just being good enough, is no longer good enough. Whatever business you are in, reframe your way of thinking about that business. It all boils down to one thing. You are in the customer satisfaction business. Whoever that customer is, as long as you can make them feel that taking their custom elsewhere would be a massive step backwards, they will always be your customer.

Never stop trying. However high the mountain you stand on, you’re still more than 90 million miles away from the sun.

And as always with the latter, be careful where you look.

Omikron is here

Number crunching has long been the absolute foundation of technological and empirical progress. Be it the seminal work of Charles Babbage in creating what was later coined, the first mechanical computer, through to the works of Alan Turing and his colleagues at Bletchley park in breaking the Enigma code during the second world war.

Today a super computer can be found working on such diverse applications as medical healthcare, the search for extra-terrestrial life, defence, scientific research and animation.

You can add blockchain to that list too.

The massive capability of systems which are put to work on complex algorithms is not measured in simple CPU cycles or core counts. Data is measured in terabytes, petabytes or exabytes. Performance aka speed, is counted in petaflops.

The Zanshuri Omikron Supercomputer offers petaflop grade computing capability which you can buy today.

It would be unfair of us to use the term desktop as our standard single unit build of the computer stands at over 6 feet tall. Server would also be a misnomer as the emphasis is more on processing ability than storage and throughput. The computer can however be configured with as much local storage and bandwidth capacity as you or your organisation requires.

The Zanshuri Omikron Supercomputer therefore offers massively parallel computing capability based on a multi-GPU array and an air-cooled open chassis configuration designed around triple redundant 1500 watt power supplies.  It is recommended to be maintained in an environmentally managed, controlled access environment and runs a bespoke 64-bit Linux operating system. It can be configured to run Windows.

Efficiency is not ignored, being central to all that we do.  Though the Zanshuri Omikron Supercomputer is an admittedly power hungry system, when you consider that the capability a single unit offers would exceed that of the average 100 rack server datacenter, the energy consumption of our solution is significantly smaller. Thus the name, Omikron.

Contact us today to learn more and place your order on*

*the patented Zanshuri sense of humour remains fully functional.

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